18"x 24" Poster  

Created by Beaufort artist Mary Warshaw, the Beaufort Porches image was designed to be matted and framed with or without the Beaufort Porches lettering. The image below shows a cropped poster without lettering.

In the design, Warshaw's painting of the Old Inlet Inn circa 1911 
was used as the background image.

The “Beaufort fence” is distinctive with its “up and down” pickets. In early days fences were required to have a “paled in” or pointed stake characteristic. This may have been due to an old law that was made in an attempt to contain farm animals. Part of the law stated that a resident was allowed to catch and kill a pig found running in the streets. They could keep half but had to give the other half to the church wardens who would distribute it to the hungry.

An insert sheet included with each poster gives a brief
history of each of the 26 centuries-old homes included.

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