JAMES NOE HOUSE circa 1828
     Of Finnish descent, James Noe came to Beaufort about 1800. A turpentine distiller and fisherman, James married Mary Cocks in 1799. The first recorded deed conveyed the lot and home of "James Noe, deceased," sold at public auction. James and Mary Noe both died in Beaufort. Son, James G. Noe, married Mary Paquinet; they were parents of Sarah H., Rachael James, John West, Thomas D., and perhaps Charity S. Noe.
    In 1837, Col. John Hatch Hill bought this house for $500. Married to Hannah Fuller, Catharine Fuller, then Abigail Ward, Col. Hill was a member of the General Assembly and served as sheriff, coroner and clerk of court. During the War of 1812, Hill was 2nd Major in Capt. Nelson's Company, Robert's Regiment.
    In the home by 1900, John Henry Skarren, son of Louis Skarren and Sarah N. Smith, married Susan Ann Phelps about 1891. Susan was daughter of Mathias Chrispen Phelps and Elizabeth Canaday Dill. Susan and John were parents of William Dill, John Pasteur, Winfield Chadwick, Mathias Phelps, Norman C., and Sarah Elizabeth Skarren. John Henry became Police Chief Skarren; he died of heart disease. Susan died from 3rd-degree burns suffered when the kitchen stove ignited her clothing.