MASON COTTAGE circa 1904
   Joseph Mason was born in Hyde County to Ichabod Mason and Lavinia Roberson. About 1899, Sophronia Styron, daughter of Stephen Styron and Hannah Willis, came from Hatteras Island by mail boat to visit her brother George. During her visit, 19-year-old Sophronia met Joseph Mason.  
     Married August 13, 1901, fisherman Joseph Mason built this cottage on a lot purchased in 1899 for only $45. He and Sophronia spent 50 years in the home and reared seven children: Addie married a Robinson; Lovie Hannah married Sterling Price Johnson; Marcus Dale married Laura Sadler; Stephen Robert married Velna Mae Wetherington; Annie Durwood married Harry Thomas Willis; John Styron married Miriam Earl Murphy; and Preston Loftin Mason never married.