JOHN M. WOLFE HOUSE circa 1895 
      In 1891, John Forlaw sold this property to John M. Wolfe, who either built the original portion of the house or remodeled an existing structure. The original home was a single story L-shaped house with a porch across the entire front, and a porch on the south side. In 1908, octagonal façades and the second story were added.
     John Marshall Wolfe was son of Alice P. Marshall and John B. Wolf; born about 1820, John B. immigrated about 1853, married Alice in 1860 and operated a bakery in a 4-room cottage on Queen Street. John  Marshall Wolfe was a barber as well as a jeweler, who repaired watches. He married Mary F. Garner and had five children: Joseph Price, Evanna Baldwin, John Christian, Mamie Alice and William Franklin Wolfe. Many remember this as the "Swain House" due to Mamie's marriage to William Leon Swain.