J.B. JONES HOUSE circa 1870 
     John Benners Jones' father, Thomas Redding Jones, was born in Carteret County about 1815. In 1836, Thomas married Nancy Guthrie. Thomas and Nancy became parents of the following: David M., born in 1837, married Susan F. Dill; Hannah, born about 1840; John Redding, born about 1843, married Margaret A. Guthrie; Mary, born about 1844; and John Benners Jones (1848–1925) married Hannah Delamar. While returning to Beaufort from a trip to the West Indies about 1850, Capt. Redding Jones was lost at sea. 
     John Benners Jones Sr. (1848–1925) was a grocer and was also involved in real estate. He and Hannah raised four sons and three daughters in this home. In 1916, J.B. Jones Sr. married Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Jacobson, widow of Ansil Burdette Chapin and lived at 607 Ann Street. On February 1, 1925, John Benners Jones Sr. died of chronic Bright's disease.