On Old Town Lot 30, this house was likely built for Micajah Pigott by local builder James Davis. Micajah Pigott, born about 1770 to Elijah Pigot and Sevil Fulford, first married Sally Chadwick in 1795 and had three daughters: Elizabeth married Elijah Whitehurst; Sevil married William Fulford and Abigail married Absalom Fulford. After Sally died, in 1803 Micajah married Jane Gaskill, widow of James Wallace. Micajah died before 1808. Jane G. Wallace Pigott died in 1810, leaving the home to Esther Mihetable Wallace and husband Thomas Cooke.
     In 1815, 28-year-old Capt. Thomas Cooke perished in a storm near Cape Lookout. When Esther died, she left the property to children, James Wallace Cooke and Harriet Wallace Cooke, who went to live with Uncle Henry Marchant Cooke at the Hammock House. Fifteen in 1827, James Wallace Cooke attended the US Naval Academy and eventually commanded C.S.S. Albemarle. Going to sea in 1834, James designated his portion of Old Town Lots 29 & 30 to sister Harriet, who sold to Benjamin Leecraft Perry in 1838.
     In 1875, John Hancock Nelson (1814-1876) purchased this home from Thomas Duncan for $2000. John's widow, Mehitable Mason Nelson, lived here until her death in 1916, when it was inherited by daughter Laura Closs Nelson and husband Thomas I. Duncan; they sold the property to Joseph House in 1922.